Denim is always a good idea.

It’s probably the easiest addition to a daytime wardrobe. I think denim jackets are the perfect outerwear to pair with any outfit!

Just because it’s been around for a long time, it doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive with it. Here are some looks you can try with that denim jacket you have, it is time to create new value for your wardrobe!

1. Casual but not Sloppy

You might notice that there are a lot of people who are not wearing their jackets 'properly' from the street snaps lately. Effortless chic has become a new trend, and dressing nice and tidy is going out of fashion. Sometimes I throw on a denim jacket on a sleeveless dress to mix and match. The trick is to have your jacket casually slip off on one side of your shoulder to show a bit of your skin. It's a tad cheeky but it does bring out that bit of casual sexiness. I also like to team a slogan tee with my jacket, so that I don’t need to “say” it, people can easily get what I mean. With these tips, I hope it’s gonna make your outfits a little more playful.





2. Deconstructed, Embroidered and Mixed Fabric

Scouted on the runway and kept an eye on the street, I found that the denim jackets with badges and embroideries have become one of the most popular ones. It’s definitely worthy to invest in a street style jacket. The embroidery designs such as street landmarks and manuscripts match the collage denim very well and giving you a catchy look. A basic tee and a pair of jeans make a perfect staple of a casual look with a denim jacket. Sometimes I like to accessorize my outfit with some colorful items, such as a cute satchel bag, sunglasses or heels. Take some items can match your jacket design, and make your outfit more stylish!




3. Ripped and Destroyed

I think you might have noticed that ripped up denim jackets are my favorite. Ripped and destroyed jackets are still one of the most popular ones of this year. Cutoffs, convulsions, distressed on the back, providing you a sexy bad-girl look. They are not only stylish and good looking but also cool to wear on a hot summer day. I like to wear something with bold patterns under the jacket, so I can vaguely show the colors from the rips. If you wanna be sweet but rebel, ripped up jacket will be a good one for you! You can choose the top showing a bit of skin from the rips to reveal your manner and sexiness of a Girl Boss!



4. Double Denim

”I've always said, if you're going to wear just one color then make the look about texture and surface interest,” said Scott Schuman. I think it can apply on double denim as well. It can’t go wrong if you wear your double denim with a simple tee with ingenuity. Denim ensemble can be your day to night outfit by teaming up with sports shoes or heels. And double denim skirt combo is also an easy way to look chic. You can work your badass look with a denim jacket with cutoffs and convulsions and a slogan tee.





The denim jacket can work with any kinds of looks, street styles, feminine looks, casual… whatever you like! I hope you can get some inspirations from my post, and find some items can match your denim jackets from your wardrobe. Let’s try some on-trend new looks together!

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