Autumn is coming, the most fashionable season! Wondering why we said that? For the fashion industry, September is the "first month". From the city of fashion, Paris to Milan and New York, fashion weeks will be relayed, and the designs that many brands have been preparing for a long time will drive the fashion trends throughout the next year.


For those who love to dress in style, the cool and skin-friendly body temperature in autumn gives people the most comfortable dressing experience. Unlike the sultry summer, you can bear to wear much. Neither like the cold winter, you would wrap yourself all up. The autumn temperature is just right, you can wear a single item with details and interesting materials without sweating heavily. It can also be integrated into playfulness, and you can cleverly match multiple items to express your mood.
The benefits of autumn are countless, but the only downside is that it is very short! So you have to seize every day you can walk on the street. Walking the dog is a small daily snippet worth grasping in life, and many fashion brands also love to use dogs as the shooting theme. Not only can it make natural outfits, but it can also express the harmony with the color of the dog's coat. The most important thing is that the interaction is natural and cute. Since the dog must be walked, why not take the opportunity to become fashionable!






The Not Boring White Top X Jeans

Wear comfortably when walking the dog. Jeans with white tops are the first choice. As long as you pay attention to the details when choosing the items, you can wear them fresh and new.
This month's new black jeans have slits on the front of the trousers, which can make you look thin and make the legs look longer. Coupled with a dramatic silhouette top tailored with wide shoulders and tide waist, it is not boring even in black and white yet refreshing.


This set is very suitable for people who don't always follow the books! We combined two items with completely different attributes by matching distressed jeans with a short knit top. Take a bit of street frankness and a bit of soft elegance, and knead it into your unique fashionable appearance.



Autumn the Season of Knitwear

This year’s knitwear has a fever from spring and summer to next year. How can you not wear it in the autumn season when it is a must to wear fabric fibers?
This month’s new product includes a v-neck knit vest with autumn colors, which can be worn alone or with a shirt inside. It is a good value item that can be worn from autumn to winter! This time we match it with high-waist leather shorts, which creates a mix of materials of soft and handsome and makes the look vivid and stylish.
If you like the lazy autumn atmosphere, it is recommended to wear a knitted set to maximize the soft tone. The black and white two-tone knit dress is retro and fitted in tailoring. With a loose outer blouse, it creates a just casual fashion look with a fitted inside and a loose outer.





Put On the Mutant Workwear

Walking the dog is a physical work of running, jumping, and chasing, and workwear is very suitable for it. You can keep up the trend with the workwear fashion, and it’s also a quick helper for lazy people. This piece is inspired by workwear with a strong autumn color, we love the jumpsuits with satin green texture, which can be worn with flat shoes or high heels for partying. Simply put it on, you can combine handsome and noble, it’s a super-powerful item!




Finally, I would like to say that in addition to completing your look through wonderful items of autumn, don’t forget to incorporate the traces of life into your daily outfits. Such changes are often the key to creating a unique style of a person! It is like rolling up the sleeves for the

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